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  Happy Feet Dancers: (View Photo Gallery)

Imivuyo Touring is a co-founder of the Happy Feet Gumboots Dancers, a project that started in 2007 to help the children of our township called Langa meaning “The Sun”. In Langa Township we are faced with problems where children are not properly guided in most cases by their single, alcoholic and unemployed parents, this leads into a situation where kids are faced with challenges of making life changing decisions themselves at a very tender age. They are choosing wrong decisions because of the absence of a pillar of strength in their parents that is why lots of kids are ending up using drugs, alcohol, drop-out of school, joining gangs, teenage pregnancies and so forth.

We have identified these challenges that it was a question of coming up with a solution to this problem affecting the kids. That is when the idea of introducing something which will be interesting for the children at the same time impacting their minds positively. We started the group on the 16th December 2007 with eight boys teaching them a dance called Gumboots Dance which was created by the mine workers in the late 1800s when the gold and diamonds were discovered in South Africa.

Concluding and defining Gumboots Dance it is a dance which is done by men only using a combination of clapping, beating the gumboots and creating a pleasant sound in an artistic way because in the mines only men were allowed to work there but we included four young girls promoting gender equality as the challenges in the township faces both these boys and girl. Currently we have twenty kids age ranging from five to fifteen years old in our group performing for tourists visiting our township, we feed them twice a day, perform on weekends, everyday during school holidays and we practice after school for an hour to compile and perfect the dance.